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Welcome to Eastside Auto Salvage

Established in 1980

Locally owned and operated

Located 1 mile from Camp Lejeune

in Jacksonville, NC

 Come by and kick back in our tricked out waiting area while we pull your parts. Want to pull your own parts? Discuss that with one of our sales staff. We are fully computerized with approximately 2,000 cars and trucks in stock. Thanks for coming to Eastside Auto Salvage, the King of auto recycler

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 am -5 pm

Saturday 9 am -2 pm

Eastside Auto Salvage

1024 Rocky Run Road


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services individuals that are in the field of careers in sports management are as follows: Recruiting, corporate or organization development, analysis, management, scheduling, common or specialized project management, plan management, and succession organizing. These jobs need a great deal responsibility, but additionally a high level of flexibility. This sort of job is a thing that several folks try to locate a technique to perform about resulting from the truth that you are going to be spending lots of time away from your standard daily activities, but this does not mean that you can’t excel at your job. You may need to understand what it takes to become productive within your career, which consists of a good set of abilities as well as a willingness to function hard. A few of probably the most widespread places of jobs which can be readily available in careers in sports management involve:

NC 28544

Phone: 910-353-6998

Fax: 910-353-4809

Toll Free: 1-800-435-2886



To lookup parts click here

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